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Sha'Kira & Amina Take on Minute Math

First there’s a countdown: 3, 2, 1, go!

Next, the flip of a page.

And then, silence - for an entire minute.

Students are working diligently and quickly on their minute math - aiming to complete as many math problems in a minute as they can. Sha’Kira and Amina are two students who have been loving minute math recently. Each day, they try to get more problems correct than the day before - and it’s been working. Sha’Kira started with 11 problems right and now she’s up to 17 in one minute! Whether it be addition or subtraction for younger grades or multiplication for older kids, minute math is a great way to practice while still having fun. There’s a cool aspect of competition - it feels like something is at stake! - all while reinforcing important math concepts.

We are so excited to see their practice paying off! And it doesn’t hurt to earn a few school bucks along the way!

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