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TMC & NS Spirit Week

Pajama Day! Wacky Wednesday!

These were just two of the fun days during our Spirit Week. It’s no secret that there have been a lot of things different about this school year. We’ve missed out on some of the normal things that would happen in a regular school year, and we didn’t want Spirit Week to be one of those too. So, we created our own Neighborhood SCHOOL and Maker's Clubhouse Spirit Week!

Here was the full schedule:

Monday: Skittles Day - everyone dressed up in bright colors. It was fun to see everyone in such a cheerful mood!

Tuesday: Pajama Day - everyone wore their best pj’s to school. It was a comfy day for staff and students alike!

Wednesday: Wacky Day - Mismatched shoes and crazy outfits!

Thursday: Trendy Day - students rocked the best trends, from 90's to Tiktok trends!

Friday: Fan Friday - everyone was decked out in their favorite fan apparel - lots of Juju jerseys around here!

All of us here at NS and TMC were so happy to have a fun-themed week. My favorite day was Wacky Wednesday. What was yours?

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