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Uryiah Opens Up With Assemble

Uryiah is a sweet fourth grader here at the learning hub in Homewood, she often comes in early and even helps with setting up food distribution before class in the next room.

The day of our first lesson with Assemble after school, she was too shy to speak with our partners directly on zoom. She hid in her coat and asked Ms. Mary to help communicate her thoughts with them. The kids were asked to sculpt things they cared about our play-do that Assemble provided in their creative kits.

Uryiah’s first thought is that she is thankful for her family and she rolls a ball to represent each member.

She is eager to share and is one of the first to raise her hand, but she still feels more comfortable whispering what she made into Ms. Mary’s ear instead of addressing our partners directly.

The next thing Uryiah decides to share that she cares about is Ms. Mary, and Ms. Kate, who helped her feel comfortable expressing herself here.